IRO Clay T Shirt

It’s no secret (if you’ve been following me on Twitter) that I’ve been obsessed with destroyed clothes lately. I was, and still am, a major supporter of the distressed denim trend, and have moved on to bigger and better destroyed-ment!

Okay, what I really mean by that is more expensive.

**Cue my impulsive yet oh so necessary purchase of the IRO Clay T Shirt**

After seeing many pictures of this infamous tee pop up recently, especially on my major style crush Kylie Jenner, I knew I had to have it. Luckily my birthday was this month so I honestly had every right to splurge!

After hunting the internets like a middle schooler at Forever 21 on Black Friday, I finally found it in off white, or umm excuse me,  “Ecru”, on one of my favorite retail sites! I ordered it in an L for a little bit of an oversized fit. It’s not an oversized tee, so it fits like a normal one and I could’ve gone smaller, but I like my tops loose fitting. It is perfect. And even better in person!

I paired it with a casual pair of denim shorts and some biker boots (not sure what their actual name is… but they look like something a biker would wear) added a leather jacket for some extra edge and my fav pair of Le Specs sunnies.

Am I Kylie Jenner yet?!

More on my distressed obsession later.


photo 1-10

photo 3-10



IRO Clay T shirt// here

Denim Shorts Forever 21// here

Shoulder Bag Urban Outfitters

Sunnies Le Specs// here



My Fringe Epiphany

The other day I was browsing Zara when this thought popped into my head:

“Fringe is only okay on your purse or on your feet”

I don’t know where it came from, or why I had this epiphany, but due to the timing of this revelation, I’m going to blame Coachella.

I have a love/love relationship with festivals and festival clothing. I am all for them! But recently with the influx of Coachella fashion posts, I subconsciously have ruled out fringe as an appropriate wardrobe piece. Ever.

This may seem drab, but it actually got me excited to find a cute bag or shoe that could encompass the awesome-ness of fringe but remain subtle and still chic.

And since I haven’t posted in a while, I will clue you in on some of my other favorite Spring finds!

1. Zara Leather Dolly Bag with Fringes

4165304040_1_1_1This bag is EVERYTHING. It’s tiny and cute and such great quality. $99.90 at Zara

2. H&M Suede Boots

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 11.46.17 AM

Add distressed jeans and a white tee with these booties and you are Summer ready! $69.95 at H&M

3. BLANK NYC Shredded Denim Boyfriend Shorts

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 11.48.46 AM

It’s no secret I love BLANK NYC Jeans! Just snagged a pair of these babies for myself and can’t wait for consistent warm weather because I know I will be living in them! Only $68 at Nordstrom

4. Zara Leather Messenger Bag with Fringing


This AH-mazing bag is more on the splurge side, but oh so worth it! $249 at Zara

5. Stuart Weitzman Gladiator Sandal

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 11.56.37 AM

These are the best Gladiator Sandal on the market, which will be all the rage this summer. But for $398 at Nordstrom, they might be too much for a trend piece. Inexpensive options are popping up like these Steve Madden or these from Daily Look.


How do you wear your fringe? Let me know in the comments!



Let’s Talk Birkenstocks

So, as I predicted months ago, Birkenstock sandals are on the rise for this Spring/Summer.

photo 2

People will try to fight it, and all I say to them is let it happen.

Birkenstocks are no longer the “stoner” or “Jesus” sandal. They are fashionable (thanks Olsen twins!)

I personally prefer edgy, trend inspired looks to “girly” pieces which is why this trend is so wearable for me. The Birkenstock style is seriously casual yet easy to dress up. I will admit they make your feet look a little wide, but nothing skinny jeans can’t even out! See, we are staying proportional.

I have a pair of matte black Birks and I love to style them with casual looks. For example, leggings and over sized tees, chunky sweaters and skinny jeans, or even cut offs and crop tops!

The best part is, designers are following suit and Birkenstock sandals (with a twist) are popping up like mad! I’ve picked some of my favorite to show you, and maybe persuade you that they aren’t so bad :)


1.The OG Birkenstock in Matte Black


photo 1

Purchase on Zappos for $90 here


2. Steve Madden ‘Boundree’ Sandal 


Comes in different colors and patterns, on sale for 20% off at Nordstrom


3. Sam Edelman ‘Adora’ Sandal


Just like the Steve Madden, this sandal comes in a variety of colors and patterns, $90 at Nordstrom

4. H&M Birkenstock Sandal 


Although they aren’t available just yet, H&M posted a preview of their Spring Birkenstock sandal!


Do you think you’ll try this warm weather trend!?






Stepping Out in 90’s Grunge

The 90’s grunge trend has always been one of my favorites.  To me, it’s like playing dress up while still staying true to my style! Although it’s definitely not something I could rock everyday, I always feel comfortable and confident while being a little “grungey”.

I also think it has a lot to do with its origin in London. I swear, London is my fashion spirit animal. (Does that even make sense?)  I’m talkin’ Dr. Marten… TopShop… Alexander McQueen, HELLO!? Amaze!

So! A few weeks ago I went shopping and put together a fun 90’s inspired grunge outfit for my day. I ended up falling in love with this look and realized I never did a blog post! So here I am to share all the fabulous details.

photo 2

photo 4


Outfit Details: Crop Top: Free People // High Waisted Jeans: TopShop // Shoes: Dr. Marten // Flannel: Urban Outfitters

This look is particularly special to me because these are all individually some of my favorite pieces. The fact that I threw them all together for a fun look really excited me!

Thanks for reading, check back soon Xx!



The Mule

With spring fast approaching (or is it already here?) it’s time to talk about this spring’s hottest trend: The Mule.

Okay, I know. Didn’t we all have this shoe in the 90’s? Yes, but now mules are chicer and better. Top designers have been sending mules down the runway all fashion month and the trend is now in full swing with contemporary brands following suit.

I have been meaning to write this post for a while, but was waiting for affordable options to pop up! So without further adieu, here are my favorite picks for mules for this spring!

1. 3.1 Phillip Lim Vincent Open Toe Mule:


On sale at Barney’s here

2. Tibi Britt Crystal Mule


Buy here for a pretty penny! $495

3. Jeffrey Campbell Black Suede Malkin


Pre order on Bona Drag for $165

4. Forever 21 Posh Slip on Wedge


For under $40 at Forever 21!

Happy shopping! Xx

Shades of Blue

To stick with the theme of testing styles, *see Harem trouser post*, I decided to style a pair of overalls I recently picked up from TJ Maxx. I was attracted to the deep blue color, distressed details, and over sized boyfriend style wear.

I paired them with my white H&M tee and western booties. I could definitely see myself wearing them with some high top chucks as well.

I love the look of casually leaving one side unhooked to keep the look care free and effortless. I also wore my Alexander Wang rocco inspired duffle I picked up from TJ Maxx as well (if you can’t tell, I love this store!)

Are you brave enough to help bring back overalls?!





H&M Casual Harem Trousers

You know those Harem pants that are sweat material, super baggy, and tapered at the ankle that we’ve all sworn we could never wear?! Well, guess again, because I took the initiative for all of us and bought them. The outcome was much better than expected (not-so-saggy-butt).

I wanted to try these pants because I am always looking for a comfortable way to look fashionable. I love my skinny jeans, but on a daily basis leggings almost always win.

I picked them up without trying them on at the store. It was really hot and something about hot weather and dressing rooms do not mix well with me…

Anyway, I continued to shop around and scored kinda big with some fab snake skin slip-ons and a chíc turtle kneck-ish tee. I really wish this tee came in more colors it is so adorable and adds style to an otherwise simple look!

When I tried the whole outfit on together I was really impressed! The look and feel of the pants are really cool. I will def be wearing these A LOT this spring.

This goes to show dressing comfy and casual doesn’t need to be boring! Have fun with it!